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Who is Carlos?

Carlos is a spiritual guide

Master Carlos Palada is a spiritual guide of Mayan/Spanish descent . Raised by his Mayan medium mother, who had paranormal intuition, his 30 years living in Australia contained a touch of eastern/western inspired spiritualism.

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Atomic healing is a new & ancient Healing Modality originating from the Essenes 200 years B.C.; it energises re-integrate the lifestrones contain in your body (subatomic, cellular and molecular structures, through your light-soul level) releasing pains, karmas, mental, spiritual and physical blockages via the breath and cosmic energy.

Programs and Courses

Master Carlos Videos

Carlos Palada shows some of his experiences and teachings through real videos.

"His workshops and private sessions are incredibly inspiring and lift the human spirit. Carlos's breadth of knowledge and healing abilities, from personal to world events affecting us, can not be underestimated. His beautiful, gentle nature, authentic caring and humorous energy is more important today then ever before."

- Stella Yfantidis

"Carlos Palada is a beautiful individual that radiates peace and loving kindness. I recently took part in his "Introduction to Atomic Healing" group workshop where he taught us some powerful modalities to work with cosmic energy using ancient rituals for healing of self and others. He opened our energy channels and shared so much valuable knowledge in working and balancing the chakras. I look forward to his return to Bali where i can go deeper and learn more about his powerful technique."

- Caterina

"What I love about sessions with Carlos is that they are simple, fun and that you learn so much. When he is giving a session you feel that he is stepping aside and the knowledge and higher dimensional guidance is coming through and it is fascinating but just so true as well. He also can connect with your guides and Angels to bring personal messages for you so you get that personal guidance and it seems like he has known you for a long time."

- Tim Sandars

"Knowing atomic healing is really beautiful for me, i connected to this method easily more than any other that i learnt before, as i found atomic healing is simple and pure. i used to hear this two words in my head last time "something simple, something pure." so i believe your teaching supports me to apply this virtue in my life."

- Dina Chandra

"I could feel Carlos remove my energetic blocks like a psychic surgeon. At the end of the session my hands were so soft, like a newborn baby and I felt so light and free. I had heard of the magnificence of his work, but to experience it, for me, was a gift in this lifetime. Please do yourself and humanity a favour and next time Carlos is in town, have the courage to take this opportunity and clear yourself of your 'baggage""

- A Journalist

“What you will receive is pure divine wisdom which you will take with you when you close your eyes forever.” This experience will not be relabelled or repackaged information. This will be a heart-to heart/soul-to-soul genuine connection – Going back to unity."

- Carlos Palada

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Carlos Programs & Courses

Programs & Courses

The courses that I have been facilitating for the world since 1998, have as their first objective to increase our level of awareness for our personal and collective growth. That includes the internal and external work in our system of the physical, moral, mental, spiritual, cosmic and galactic.


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